Helpful Tips to Make Windows 7 Run Faster

Do you have Windows 7? If so, you may want to speed this software up. For the most part, computers do not run it optimal speeds out of the box. Though it is nice to have lots of features on your computer, you will probably never use every single one of them. In fact, if you have had the computer for a while, if you download programs regularly, these could be slowing your computer down quite a bit. This article will show you several ways to improve Windows 7 in regard to speed and performance.Autostart programs begin the moment your computer is turned on. Many people don't realize that QuickTime and iTunes autostart. Software programs that run like this use of our memory very easily which is why we should not have them auto start at all. The auto starting programs can be easily halted by going to the "msconfig" section of your computer. Just uncheck the ones you don't want to start. You can manually start these programs - this is not disabled. Windows 7 will load much more quick…
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