Digitally Signed Documents – NO Adobe Required

While scouting for great Search Engine Optimization sites I ran across this post today. It really is amazing what you can run across while just roaming the web for a few minutes is it not? The other choice, besides that one, is by using Adobe Acrobat. I've used Acrobat successfully for many years - up until I went to use it for some digital signature a few weeks ago. I discovered that they have completely altered the interfacing. Really need to look more into that. - and I OUGHT to have the capacity to use something when I want it. However, enter a new service I have just been made aware of... A few days ago, I received an email from a reader who was looking for a means to digitally sign files. My idea was to try Hello Sign. Hello Sign is a service that allows you to digitally sign documents. Hello Sign may be utilized in your browser, on your iPhone, on your Android tablet, and in your iPad. Then whenever you must sign a file just upload it to Hello Sign and employ you…
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