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Receiving the best price for your iPhone is just a no-brainer with DeviceBuyers.com. With down to earth policies and buying, we could help you get the best price on your iPhone with the number of hassle. We have launched a system that will allow you to monitor all areas of the process with DeviceBuyers.com to ensure that you simply’re always on top of your transaction.If you’re wondering if the iPhone 3GS smart phone is the right mobile phone for you, you’ll find this review helpful. As Apple focuses on its latest iPhone releases, it gives you the opportunity to get older models, including the 3GS at lower prices. As you read, you’ll see that some things make this phone a perfect fit for some people and a bad fit for other people.

When you get the iPhone 3GS, you get an iPod as well as a phone. So if you don’t already own an iPod or other MP3 player, this is a good chance to get one without buying a separate device. Because Apple’s products are created to work together, if you have already purchased an i-anything (pod, mac, pad), the files can easily be transferred to your iPhone. You also have access to the iTunes store, which has a huge amount of movies and other entertainment. The iPhone 3GS offers a fantastic high resolution image that works well with videos and movies. In short, the iPhone is an entertainment center as well as a device for communicating. The iPhone keyboard is one of the features many users appreciate most about the iPhone 3GS smart phone. You will be able to type much more quickly and easily, especially compared to what other phones offer. Typed misspellings will be corrected as you text along with alternatives that will be suggested along the way. Instead of capitalizing every one of your first words manually, this actually does it for you. If you need to edit something you’ve written, the magnifying glass feature makes it easy to make the corrections. Overall, the intelligent keyboard aspect of this iPhone will make your texting and typing easier than ever.

There’s one extremely innovative app that will only be of interest to you if you’re a runner. It is also possible that it will motivate you to begin to run which is a very healthy pursuit. This app is the Nike+ app which is a joint effort from both Nike and Apple. There is a sensor that you can place into your Nike running shoe that will connect to a receiver within your iPhone (and iPod). The app tracks your progress in terms of your speed and how much ground you cover. A bluetooth headset gives you the ability to talk on the phone and run at the same time. Right now the Nike+ app doesn’t cost anything but that might change in the future.

If you end up getting an iPhone 3GS smart phone, you will notice the useful features on the smartphone – what else would you expect from Apple? If you don’t want an older product, but you want quality, the iPhone 4 or iPhone 5 might be better for you. If, however, you’d prefer to save some money and still get a smart phone with many great features, the iPhone 3GS may be just right for you. www.devicebuyers.com

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