There was a period not too long-ago that words “heat pump” and “environmentally pleasant” did not go together at all. Heat pumps had a reputation for being horrible for the environment and for being a terribly inefficient method to heat and cool your house. All it’s changed, however, because of government requirements for heat-pump performance. As of late, heat pumps are known as the environmentally-friendly choice for home owners. How have things changed so much? A lot of it boils down to how heat pumps work.

First, consider how central heating and cool methods function. They consider air and after that heat it or cool it for the temperature you need based in the temp you have set your thermostat at. The systems require an energy source to get this work done. Which means your central heating or cooling system needs the power from your electric system or petrol/natural heat system – occasionally both. It comes as no surprise to anyone with one of the systems that the electricity used is important. Running your heating and also your air conditioning can increase your electricity bill by hundreds of dollars every month. Along with being a drain in your pocketbook, the energy that they use as well as these essential systems are a drain on the ecosystem.

Now, consider heat pump technologies. Heat pumps don’t use energy to heat or cool air to any temperature. Instead, they simply shuffle air back and further. Throughout the summer, a heat pump operates in reverse. The heart requires the warm air from inside of your dwelling and pumps it outside, before the internal temperature reaches the required amount of coolness. Because the heat pump is not heating or cooling anything using electricity or gasoline, the energy running costs are much lower. And because less energy is employed, the impact of running a heat pump is much less about the environment than running a central heating or cooling system.

All heat pumps are not created equal, yet. If you reside in an older house as well as the government regulations are predated by your heat pump, then it still could be really inefficient. Even new heat pumps can vary considerably in regard to their effectiveness. Additionally, heat pumps aren’t effective in climates with excessive temperature swings.

All-things considered, however, heat pumps are perfect solutions for environmentally friendly heat and cooling system.

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