computer repair,pc repair,hard drive recovery,remove computer virus Windows 7 is the latest and quickest Windows operating system to be released but it’s possible that your computer is not set up properly to allow it to run at its absolute and full potential. Many factors can slow down your computer, from viruses to having unnecessary programs running. A couple of small changes are all you need to vastly improve the speed of Windows 7 and we’ll teach some of them to you in this article.

Sounds can be turned off to improve performance; a good place to start is the sound your computer makes when doing certain tasks like starting up. You can adjust your sound settings to eliminate such unnecessary sounds. If you do this, you won’t hear sounds when you change applications or boot up, but it won’t affect sounds you hear from websites or videos. Another feature you may want to shut off is search indexing, though if you do a lot of searching, doing this might slow it down. This feature can be shut off by searching for “indexing options” in the Windows search box and finding the control panel. computer repair

Sometimes Windows 7 can’t run as well as you’d like it to because the computer you have doesn’t meet the hardware requirements dictated by the operating system. This may be the case if you have an older computer and upgraded to Windows 7 from a previous operating system. If Windows 7 was pre-installed into the computer that you’ve bought, this isn’t going to be applicable to you. To run Windows 7, your computer needs to have at least a 1GHZ processor, 16 GB of available disk space and 1GB of memory. In the event that your computer lacks the memory to properly run Windows 7, it’ll run so much better when you add some more memory to it. So, while it will run with 1 GB of memory, upgrading to 2 GB will make it run quite a bit faster.

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Windows Aero is a feature that helps your desktop look really good but it also really slows down your computer. It includes lots of beautiful designs, animations, colors, etc and if you truly love to see these things, keep them around. These features take up lots of memory though, so if you turn them off your Windows 7 will run so much faster. Clicking on Desktop and Personalize can help you accomplish this.

First find the “Enable Transparency” box and then click on “open classic appearance properties.” Your computer’s desktop will get switched to a basic theme that doesn’t have as many effects. You are going to find that this one single action can speed up Windows 7 quite a lot.

If you want to raise the speed of Windows 7, you’ll need to explore a lot of the different features and settings for your computer. Most of the time, people reduce their speed because their memory and space are being wasted by files, programs and features that they don’t truly need. Sometimes serious problems will slow down your computer so a registry cleaner could be just the ticket. The above suggestions for speeding up Windows 7 should get you off to a good start as you search for ways to improve the performance of your PC.

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