computer repair,pc repair,hard drive recovery,remove computer virus If you have an up to date computer that runs Windows 7, you should be getting good speed and performance. There are, however, some issues that can greatly slow down your computer without you even knowing what’s going on. If you take a look at your desktop and your settings, you should be able to find easy ways to improve the performance of your computer. You are going to enjoy a much better performance of Windows 7 when you use the tips that we are going to share with you in this article.

Computers get really bogged down when they have things like destructive programs and malware on them. What’s more important is that these issues can cause terrible damage to your computer so it is much better for you to find them and get rid of them as soon as you possibly can. It’s easy to acquire these problems, especially if you download many files online.

It’s important to find a good anti-virus program and scan your computer with it regularly. Programs like Spybot are good at removing spyware from your computer. Only use trusted sources for protecting your computer, as some programs that claim to remove spyware may actually be spyware in disguise. You can protect yourself from lots of these problems by being extra careful about downloading files and programs that you aren’t already familiar with. add memory to your computer

Another common complaint that many people have in regard to their computers is how long it takes to surf on the Internet. No matter what web browser you use, your internet cache needs to be cleaned out regularly to ensure that your computer can operate at maximum speed when you’re online. They will tell a very quickly depending upon how much online time that you spend. Cleaning your cache is a great idea, though you may have to enter usernames and passwords to go to certain sites all over again. Windows 7, and the browser that it provides, will definitely run a lot quicker once the cache is clean.

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Windows 7 adds updates on a regular basis, and will let you know about every single one. These automatic updates are commonplace, and they can slow down your system and can make internet browsing slower as well. You can disable automatic updates on your control panel to prevent this from happening. This means, of course, that you have to manually download any updates that you want. It’s important to keep your computer updated on issues related to security, so if you disable automatic updates make sure that you stay informed about what updates are important. Automated updates, however, most likely provide you with many updates for programs you never use. You can improve the performance of Windows 7 by making small changes. It won’t take much to speed this computer up as it is already an extremely fast OS in comparison to previous systems. Programs that you don’t use on a regular basis can be removed with no problem at all. Your computer should be running faster if you implement the suggestions presented in this writing.

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