Windows 7 is the fastest Windows operating system yet, but you may not have your computer set up to ensure that it runs at its full potential. So many factors can slow down your system from malware to processes that don’t necessarily need to be running. By making just a few small changes, like those we’ll explore within this article, you can speed up Windows 7 by quite a lot. onsite pc repair at lizardwebs (local company)

Many computers have autostart programs that simply begin once the computer starts. Autostart definitely works with programs like Java and QuickTime. Auto starting these programs is a waste of memory simply because we should not have them running if we don’t use them. Just go to “msconfig” and you will be able to change these settings so that they do not auto start. Then simply uncheck any programs that you don’t want on startup. You can, of course, still open these programs anytime you need them. Windows 7 will load much more quickly now because you have disabled these auto loading programs. It is possible to speed up Windows 7 actually by using certain free programs readily available. One of these is Soluto which analyzes the Windows startup process and gives you detailed information about where changes should be made. This program, Soluto, is specifically designed to make your computer faster, specifically in regard to boot time itself. Just download, reboot your computer, and you are ready to go. The software will then recommend possible changes you can make to speed up your computer. You will find all sorts of software programs and applications that are slowing down your computer and show you how to stop them. This product, Soluto, is easy to use and you can find places to download it virtually anywhere.

Another area to look at are services that your computer will turn on automatically that you’re actually not using. Unless you are printing something, you really don’t want certain features running in the background – you should turn these off too. Anyone that does a lot of printing should not worry about this because it will take more time to reinitialize all of this each and every day. Also, your system will not boot up very quickly if you have Windows 7 sidebar running so keep that in mind. It is important to keep the UAC (user account control) feature running because disabling it can lead to other problems. You could also get a warning from the UAC if you happen to get a virus, which can help you out in the long run, especially if it can possibly disable your computer.

To improve the speed of Windows 7, you’ll need to explore some different features and settings that you have on your computer. Most people waste a lot of their space and memory with programs, features and files that they do not actually need. Once in a while, your computer will get slowed down by some serious issues and that’s when registry cleaners could be quite useful. These tips are great for helping you get started on speeding up both Windows 7 and the overall speed of your PC. computer repair around raleigh – call lizardwebs

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