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Remember, it is not necessary to take down feeders to force the birds to fly south. They will migrate. If hummingbirds are sticking around, it could be because they are sick or injured. Some experts recommend leaving the feeder up with a spot light (150 watt bulb) on the feeder to keep the nectar from freezing). Amazingly enough some hummingbirds are still able to find insect larvae in the bark of trees. It is not necessary to ‘fly’ the birds south. Nature is nature and is never a guarantee that all birds will survive.hummingbird

A hummingbird’s tongue is roughly twice the length of its beak. It licks the nectar. (Approximately 13 licks per second!) You might see its beak and think that it can’t reach the nectar in the bottom of the feeder. Look closely with binoculars to see the tongue. The best way of attracting Hummingbirds is to use a combination of their favorite flowers, plants, shrubs and vines; and, of course, Droll Yankees Hummingbird feeders filled with a homemade nectar of Domino® Granulated Pure Cane Sugar and water! If we are not immediately available, leave your name, phone number and a brief message and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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Watch the feeder to see how many birds are using it. If you’re not home much, you’ll know when hummingbirds have been around because the level of the sugar water keeps dropping! As the season progresses and more birds frequent your yard, you may need to refill the feeder more often. Plan to refill the feeder once a week during the middle of the summer, whether the birds empty it or not, because sugar water will ferment in the extreme heat. For this reason, avoid placing the feeder in direct sunlight; a better place would be under the overhang of a porch.

You can attract hummingbirds by planting red flowers and putting up a hummingbird feeder. You can tie some red ribbons to the pole where the feeder hangs. Use a four-part water to one-part sugar solution to fill the feeder. You need not add any color or vitamins to the nectar solution. Hummingbirds can also be attracted to a reliable water source such as a mister or dripper. During nesting time hummingbirds may not be as likely to come to feeders. They are feeding insects to their young. Once the young have left the nest and during the fall migration you will probably noticed increased activity at your feeder.

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