Today pretty much anybody can create their own websites and do so relatively easily. Anybody with the right mindset and an effective plan can have a website that people like. Creating it, though, is just how you get started. It is also important that you pay some attention to the driving of traffic as well. If you aren’t going to get visitors then obviously your site isn’t going to go anywhere. And everybody knows that the best and the easiest way to get more traffic to your site is to leverage the power of the major search engines like Google. What precisely do you need to do to make sure that Google loves your website? And which steps are the most important for making sure that you are well ranked by “the big G?” The article below talks about three useful tips that will help you get a high ranking in Google for your targeted keyword…

You should make your website URL easier for the search engines to find. Your website URL must possess the keyword that you are trying to target. It doesn’t matter what topic your site is about – your URL shouldn’t contain numbers or other gibberish. Ensure that the search engines definitely approve of your URL choice. This will not be an issue with WordPress. The only requirement that you will have concerns changing your settings. But whatever you do, do not use a long stringed URL that is not readable. Just like any good SEO strategy includes backlinks, so does working with Google. One of your goals should be to attract as many one-way backlinks that are relevant to your site as you can get. The higher number of targeted and relevant backlinks you can create the better the results you get will actually be. If you can get Google to notice your site via how many backlinks you have, you’ll get a much better response. You will see that the search engine giant offers you extra attention when you are connected through the right sites. This is not that complicated an idea but it still matters.

Have you put a proper sitemap on your site? A sitemap is really important in Google’s eyes. Your sitemap needs to be well-organized.

A sitemap makes it much easier for Google’s spiders to index all the pages on your site properly. A site map makes it much easier for other search engines to crawl your site properly, too. There are various ways to create a sitemap, but WordPress does have a free plugin that will do it for you. It’s as easy as a few clicks, and you’re done.

Smart website owners know they can get huge amounts of traffic from Google and they’re thrilled. Of course they should be!

They’re seeing huge traffic numbers and plenty of targeted traffic at no cost to them. If you’re keen to see this kind of traffic arriving from Google, keep these tips in mind. It might not seem easy in the start, but as time goes by, you’ll realize that all the effort is paying off. Spending a bit of time optimizing a site so it appeals to Google is always worthwhile. You’ll be rewarded with improved ranking and much higher visitor numbers as a result. for all things seo

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