Anybody that has a computer with Windows 7 on it will always want to speed up how fast it operates. Most computers are not set up to run at optimum speed. Oftentimes, extra features make the software program run slower than it should. If you’ve had your computer for a while, you’ve probably downloaded many files and programs you’ve forgotten about and that could be slowing your system down. This article will show you several ways to improve Windows 7 in regard to speed and performance. computer repair raleigh nc

If you have viruses, spyware or other destructive programs on your computer, this could be slowing it down. Most importantly, issues like that could cause quite a lot of harm to your computer so it is really good to find out about them and get rid of them as soon as you can. It’s easy to acquire these problems, especially if you download many files online.

It’s important to find a good anti-virus program and scan your computer with it regularly. Spybot, for example, is a great program for getting spyware off of your computer. It’s important that you are only using trustworthy and reliable programs for getting rid of spyware because there are a lot of spyware programs that claim to be anti-spyware programs. You can avoid a lot of these sorts of problems by being as cautious as possible when you are downloading files and programs with which you aren’t familiar. Unless you use Active Desktop, you could free up memory on your computer by shutting it off. This feature allows you to view web pages from your desktop, without having to bring them up via your browser. It’s a question of whether you care about this feature, or if you’d prefer to get better performance from your computer. It really comes down to being able to view a web page a few seconds sooner than you ordinarily could. After all, when you go online you can bookmark your favorite sites easily enough, and choose your favorite site for your home page. Having a solid color for your desktop background uses up less RAM than having a multicolored background, so this is another way to speed up your OS. You have several options when you click on Desktop, and when you choose personalize you can choose your colors. Each feature that you disable frees up some memory, though if you only make a single change, the difference might not be noticeable.

raleigh computer repair Windows Aero is definitely good for helping your desktop to look really great but it can also really slow down the performance of your computer. It includes lots of beautiful designs, animations, colors, etc and if you truly love to see these things, keep them around. These features eat a lot of your memory, however, so if you really want to speed up your Windows 7, you should turn them off. To do this click on your Desktop and then click on the option to Personalize.

First find the “Enable Transparency” box and then click on “open classic appearance properties.” This will switch your desktop to a basic theme with not nearly as many effects. It won’t take long for you to see just how much this one single thing can speed up Windows 7 for you. By making choices on what you really need on your computer, and doing some streamlining, you can speed up Windows 7 quite a bit. You have to weigh speed against the usefulness of various features and programs -don’t shut off or delete items that are genuinely helpful to you. Remember that each adjustment you make is only going to have a small effect, but taken together they can have a real impact on performance.

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