Windows offers a lot more convenient ways to use your PC than is apparent to the casual user. A majority of PC users don’t take advantage of all the features available with the Windows operating system. They learn the basics and never venture further. To help you get more familiar with the possibilities, the following are some useful Windows tips to keep in mind. learn more

Make things easier on yourself by putting the Windows taskbar to efficient use. If you need to switch between programs, or open a program, you use the taskbar. Where this can limit you is if you need to run multiple copies of the same program at the same time. The way things work usually is that if you click again on the icon for a program you are running, it will open the running version again. However, if you hold down the SHIFT key and click on the program’s icon, it will open another version of the currently running program. Do this as many times as you need to. Each time, you will open a new copy of the program.

If you are looking for information on the internet, you most likely open your browser and use one of the search engines to do a search. However, with Windows 7 you can start a search right from your desktop without even going through your browser. YouTube is a good example. You would use a “search connector” for YouTube and then you could search the site from your desktop. If you have favorite sites that you do quick searches on from time to time, this feature is very convenient and saves you from having to open your browser first. Many websites already have search connectors you can download and, if a particular site doesn’t have one, there are information sites that will show you how to create one.

The virtual desktops of computer users can quickly become a jumbled mess, even if their actual desk is neat and orderly. It isn’t long before you have so many programs and files littering your desktop that you have trouble locating the one you want. If it’s your custom to have several files and/or programs running simultaneously, the confusion can escalate

If you want an easy way to keep tabs on what you’re doing, use the Shake feature from Windows 7. All you have to do is shake the Title Bar back and forth after you click on it. This will cause any other windows to minimize on the taskbar. You can accomplish the same thing by depressing the Home Key and the Windows Key. It may seem childish at first glance, but you will be able to focus better if you don’t have other windows open. Just in the last few years, Windows has really grown and improved. Those of you who have Windows 7 can testify to the fact that Windows continues to improve with each new version. Even Windows XP or Vista, however, can be used in many ways that aren’t commonly known. This is just a small taste of the types of things you can do within the Windows operating system when you learn the correct techniques. hard drive failure

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