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If you are wondering how to make Windows Vista run faster, just know you aren’t alone. Learn what methods you can try to implement if you want this operating system to start running smoother. Some of these are very simple, while others may require special tools. In the following article, you will see that there are various ways you can speed up Windows Vista.

If your computer is running Windows Vista, make sure that it has sufficient memory and other hardware to properly run this operating system. This will be determined by the type of Windows Vista you have purchased.

If you are just looking to buy the Home Basic version, you will need a minimum of 512 MB of system memory and a processor of 800 MHz. New computers won’t present a problem, but older computers might need a few upgrades for this to work. If you have a higher version of Windows Vista, you will need at least 1 GB of memory and a 1 GHz processor. Have you heard of ReadyBoost? It is software on the Windows Vista operating system that can make your computer operate much more optimally. This is an easy way to get support for your computer’s memory, as it allows you to use a USB flash drive for storage. What this does is increases your RAM by virtue of accessing the USB port and the flash drive that is installed. Your flash drive will be 100% secure using ReadyBoost because it encrypts everything on the drive. Your ability to access data will be much faster once this is implemented area This is only limited in regard to what it can do but it will boost your RAM and help to some degree. So if you are running low on memory, using this Windows Vista tool will definitely help you.

north raleigh computers repaired fast and onsite Take a look at which programs start up automatically when you boot your computer. All of these have an impact on the speed of your booting up process and it is highly likely that most of those programs that come up are not being used every time you are on your computer. You might want to set up your computer so that no applications are set to auto-start because it really does not take much time to open up these applications. You might realize that some of the programs that are set to auto-start are hardly ever used, so without even having to lose anything, you should be able to speed up the operations of your computer with these corrections. If you want to stop programs from auto-starting, you can use the System Configuration Utility and if you ever change your mind about not having those programs auto-start, you can always switch the settings back again. Hopefully, the information in this article can help you speed up your Windows Vista OS. If you do simple changes like increasing the amount of memory that you have physically, and cleaning your hard drive, your computer will run better than ever. If you then get rid of features and programs that aren’t essential, you should find that Windows Vista runs a lot more smoothly.

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