What exactly I’ve observed – yeah and most of it is due to computers and other geeky stuff. Significantly, it looks like I rarely come out from behind the computer and this site will probably be all about general geekiness – as the name indicates. I’m considering general fun stuff, but possibly some serious stuff too. apparently an anna silk fan – videos, going geek at geek-sauce.com – Preferably items that I don’t want to share on my main company website. The “black arts” of Search Engine Optimization, web design, WordPress. Windows 7 is the fastest Windows operating system yet, but you may not have your computer set up to ensure that it runs at its full potential. So many factors can slow down your system from malware to processes that don’t necessarily need to be running. There are lots of little things you can do to speed up your Windows 7 operating system and we’ll go through some of them within this article.

Sounds can be turned off to improve performance; a good place to start is the sound your computer makes when doing certain tasks like starting up. Sounds such as this can slow down your computer, so you may want to go to Sound Settings and turn them off. You’ll only be shutting down nonessential sounds (start-up, closing programs) that Windows itself makes, it won’t leave you with a silent computer that can’t play videos. Another feature you may want to shut off is search indexing, though if you do a lot of searching, doing this might slow it down. This feature can be shut off by searching for “indexing options” in the Windows search box and finding the control panel. Although most software needs to be purchased, there is some free software that can effectively speed up Windows 7. Soluto is one of these programs – it actually provides a detailed analysis of what you should do to speed things up. This program will definitely increase or speed up your boot time is why we recommend that everyone try out Soluto for such problems. You simply download and install it and then reboot your computer. What it does next is recommend ways that you can make your computer go faster. Obviously, you won’t remove apps or features that you regularly use, but you’ll probably find many things that are just slowing your system down for no good reason. The software program gives you easy to use instructions and can be downloaded in many places.

Although the Windows 7 OS provides many different fonts, most of them will never be utilized by you or anyone else. Fonts are unique to look at and have, yet you will seldom use more than five or 10 while you have your computer. The fonts can actually cause software programs to stall like Microsoft Word for Windows. Computers with too many fonts simply will load slower, even reboot slower because they are on the system. And to make it worse, some people actually add more fonts. Overall, by removing these fonts, your boot time and system processing time will be enhanced. Windows programs that use particular fonts will definitely use some of them so don’t remove them all. You should also be careful not to delete fonts that you may want to use at some point. Making Windows 7 faster is not usually difficult, but it forces you to look at everything on your computer and decide what you really need. You have to weigh speed against the usefulness of various features and programs -don’t shut off or delete items that are genuinely helpful to you. You’ll start to notice that Windows 7 runs faster after you make a number of adjustments.

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