Do you use the Windows operating system? If so, do you use all the shortcuts and other features that it has to offer? Most of the shortcuts and tips we’ll offer you here can be used on editions of Windows prior to Windows 7, which is our main focus. Do you want more speed and convenience? Windows has some easy tricks you can do to make this happen. good local computer company

You can make your life easier by using the Windows taskbar in the most efficient possible way. If you need to switch between programs, or open a program, you use the taskbar. The problem comes up when you want to open a program more than once simultaneously. Ordinarily, you can’t do this because when you click on the program’s icon, you’ll only get the version that’s currently running. If you are in a situation, however, where you need a different instance of a program you are running to open, you can do this by first holding down the SHIFT key and then clicking on the icon of the program. A new instance of the program will open and you can repeat these steps for as many copies as you need.

The Defragmentation Tool is a program included in Windows that you should use on a regular basis. Some Windows users aren’t really familiar with the defragmentation tool, and others are afraid it’s too hard to understand or they’ll do something wrong. So, they don’t use it. It’s actually quite easy to do, and it can significantly improve the performance of Windows. If you create or download many files it’s even more important to do this. When you run the defrag program on your hard drive, it rearranges your files in a more efficient manner. You can access the defragmentation function for each hard drive by clicking on the Properties link, then Tools, and Defragmentation. The only time defragging your hard drive will take a long time is when you have a lot of files on your hard drive and haven’t used the defrag tool for a while. Otherwise, it’s very quick. You can also automate defragmentation, so that your computer performs it on a regular schedule so you don’t have to think about it.

Do you have a typical DESKTOP that is jammed full of files? Your actual desk is probably a lot more organized than your computer’s desktop. Icons for program and file access multiply exponentially it seems and it doesn’t take long for disorganization to set in. Do you run several programs at the same time? This can create a bewildering situation.

If you have Windows 7, its “Shake” feature will help you figure out what’s going on. You shake the title bar back and forth after you click on it. This will cause any other windows to minimize on the taskbar. If you press the Home Key and the Windows Key simultaneously, you will accomplish the same thing. This is a good shortcut to use so you won’t be distracted by other open windows, even if it does seem somewhat silly.

There are many ways to enhance your use of Windows and you may as well find out what they are. We’ve only given you a few of the many tips and shortcuts available to enable Windows to run better. There are no doubt many shortcuts and tricks to more efficient use of your computer that you don’t know about – regardless of why you use a computer. Be open to searching for ways to enhance your computer experience and you will discover the many possibilities available to you. learn about lizardwebs

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