Do you feel like something is missing from your home’s yard? What you need is a yard landscaping makeover from Raleigh expert landscapers at Garden Supply Company. We’ll plant trees, create pathways, and decorate your home with vibrant flower beds. If you want your yard to be the neighborhood’s best, come to Garden Supply Company.


We have landscaping experts, but that’s not all. We sell trees, shrubs, tropical plants, bonsai trees, and fruit plants, all grown locally to support the Raleigh, North Carolina, community. On top of that, we provide all the materials you need to keep your garden healthy and beautiful, from fertilizer to birdhouses for your pollinators! 


Garden Supply Company started 30 years ago in Raleigh, NC. It started small, and now it offers a full-service garden, greenhouse, landscape and design, and beekeeping. Our homegrown plants and superior products keep customers coming back. Find out why Raleigh, NC loves Garden Supply Company by visiting today!


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